FAQ/Help Center

          At our shop, specialist Doctor in Prevention and Anti-aging medicine is the one who selects every single product to be safe and 100% non-toxic. We also have team advisor expert in Toxicology for a closely recommendation. Apart from well known toxic substance such as Paraben, SLS, preservatives and heavy metals, there are other toxic substances to be avoided which our doctor do screen them for you. Moreover, those selected products are all used by Doctor and guaranteed to be efficient in real daily life, not only in lab test. Customer is ensured that all products in our shop are not only safe, 100% non-toxic but also efficient.

          Our philosophy is the need for everyone to use 100% non-toxic products. Our meticulous product selection aims for safety to consumer and far away from toxic substance or undesired symptoms in order to reduce risk of disease or bad effect to human body such as allergy, skin disease, digestive disease, respiratory disease, cancer including hormonal irregularities.

          All products in Klaire organic store are well screened and selected to ensure of 100% toxic free and safe for majority of people. However, natural ingredients do have different reaction to each user depending on individual body’s unique physical make up including proper usage and storage. We have listed every single ingredient for your buying criteria, therefore, before placing any order, please thoroughly read the list of ingredients to ensure of no ingredients causing allergy or irritation for your own safety.

          Keep them in dry and cool, away from sunlight, humidity and out of children’s reach.