Return Policy

  1. No need to worry if you order wrong item or wrong shade. Goods can be returned to us within 7 days after receiving date under original condition ; container unopened and unused. We will either deliver the goods in exchange or refund at full amount depending on customer requirement.
  2. Please send the returned goods to us by EMS or Kerry Express to enable us track delivery status with condition that delivery charge is absorbed by customer. In case returned goods due to seller’s mistake, please send original receipt of delivery charge together with returned goods so that we will refund delivery charge to you later.
  3. Due to hygienic matter and maintenance of goods condition, we can accept return of goods under same condition as when you receive from us and return timeframe as stated. Once receiving goods, please do a thorough check before opening container. If you find out that you order wrong item, do not open the container and do not use it. Please notify us immediately and properly pack the goods before delivery to ensure of good condition when goods reaching us.
  4. Goods to be returned must be exactly the same condition as when you receive them from us. Thus, please properly pack them with care before delivery to ensure that they will reach us in good condition.
  5. Please send your return request by e-mail We will contact you soonest by e-mail or by phone.
  6. We cannot accept return or change of goods under following conditions :

a) Goods are not purchased from
b) Goods are already opened or used.
c) Damaged goods or damaged due to improper packaging from customer return delivery.
d) Goods returned with different condition from condition when received from us.
e) Customer don’t send us goods in return or original goods receipt, free gift or any other goods related items within timeframe stated.
f) Customer return goods to us later than 7 days after goods receiving date.