About us

Klaire’ Organic store founded by a medical specialist in Anti- aging medicine and preventive medicine. With her knowledge and over 15 years experience focusing on mental and physical well being to prevent any diseases, preserve youthfulness and to slow down deterioration from aging, she then realizes that food we eat or things we use in our daily life may be contaminated with substance toxic to our health, for example, cancer causing substance, allergy causing substance.  After being remained in our body for quite sometime, those substances may cause unpleasant reaction e.g. allergy, skin disease, gastroenterologist, respiratory disease, cancer as well as abnormal  hormone condition.  Therefore, doctor sources organic and non-toxic  products for own use and recommends patients to use them as well.  However, Doctor often receives concerns from patients such as not knowing where to find  nontoxic  products,  not sure whether products they want to use are 100% safe or needs doctor’s  accompany to buy them with.  For solution to those concerns, Doctor then establishes Klaire’  Organic store as a center of 100% nontoxic  products for those who are interested.  Every single product is meticulously selected and tested by Doctor Patsri and  her family members.  All products are certainly safe, without substance toxic  to health and with good quality accepted and recommended by epert.